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One of the first things you need to do before you can start marketing your website is to set up your Social Media links and your SEO. Social Media links are links to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagran, and Google + accounts. SEO maintains your site's Search Engine friendly title and keywords.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is necessary to ensure that Search Engines recognize your website and optimize it's placement when someone search on keywords appropriate to your site. 

To update your SEO in Divi, navigate from the dashboard to Divi >> Theme Options and click on the SEO tab.

First, you should enable the "meta description" and "meta keywords" by clicking the toggle from DISABLED to ENABLED. We have provided a sample descripton and keywords, but feel free to modify them to meet your needs. SEO is a very technical adventure, and there are a great many tutorials and articles written about it that can help you.

Here's one link that will help you get started. First, identify your niche, then use what you assume might be appropriate keywords to start searching using Wordstream's free keyword tool.

Other Resources: There are several SEO plugins that you might find useful. These are Yoast SEO (free or $89) and All-in-one-SEO-Pack (free or $79). You might also consider hiring an SEO specialist ... once your site it optimized, there is no need to continue paying them.

Link to Rank Math SEO
Link to Yoast SEO
Link to All in One SEO (Paid) or All in One (Free). In the interests of full disclosure, we are an affiliate marketer of "All In One SEO", and Yoast doesn't have an affiliate program.

There's a pretty good comparison between the two at "".  Yoast SEO comes out on top, but barely. However, Rank Math is free, and gets glowing reviews. Our recommendation is Rank Math first, then Yoast SEO. But everyone's experience is different, so research SEO and install the plugin that looks best to you.

Finally, a word about PPC (Pay per click). In my opinion, Pay Per Click is a waste fo money. You are better off spending time and money to create "organic" search engine placement -- placement on the first or second page of Google once you've worked through your meta description, meta keywords, backlinks, and SEO optimization using one the plugins described above. Many people ignore PPC entries, simply because many of them are generic and not at all related to the keywords they searched on. PPC is also generally an "auction." If you're not constantly monitoring positioning and click throughs, you're just tossing money away.

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