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There are two administrator users for your website: wp-admin, and customer-admin.

"wp-admin" (user id 1) is Earthclick.net's administrative account, and should not be altered or deleted.

"customer-admin" (user id 2) is your administrative account, and contains much of the data that is necessary to update your public webpage and to ensure proper links to Healy's website.

The Dashboard

To access your customer-admin account, login as "customer-admin" (or use your email address), and access the Wordpress Dashboard. The dashboard is shown in the image to the left. Normally, there are only a few of these items that you will need:

Pages: if you want to add new "administrator" pages or modify documentation, you would click here and add or edit existing pages.

Testimonials: this option gives you access to the testimonials that shipped with your website. You are free to delete any you don't want, or add new ones. Some of the supplied testimonials use stock photos, i.e. not the real people. Some of them don't use stock photos, and are from Healy partners.

Appearance: there may be times when you need to access the main menu. For the most part, this would only be necessary if you wanted to add your own documentation to the "Tools and Documentation" section.

Plugins: download and install new plugins for new features to be added to your site.

Snippets: use at your own risk.

Users: Modification of your contact information

Settings: Wordpress settings.


CMP: take your site into and out of "maintenance mode"

Divi: access how the Divi theme works, including social media functionality.

Your Customer-Admin user account

During initial setup, or anytime your contact information changes, you will need to modify the customer-admin data. The customer-admin USER ID is 2 (two) and must not be altered in any way. That is, if you delete and then re-add this account, your website data won't be populated correctly. The website requires these fields:

  • Nickname ("customer-admin", but you can change it))
  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Healy Partner Name (e.g. mine is “Work1”)
  • Street Address, City, State, and Zip (optional. Input them only if you to display them)
  • Avatar (Your Picture)

To access the account, click 'Users" on the dashboard. This will display a list of users. Hover your mouse over the customer-admin account and click "Edit".

Make any changes you want to make. CAUTION: If you change your role from "Administrator", you will not be able to maintain your website.

Upload a new avatar image:
Find “Avatar”, then click “Select”
Select an existing picture, or click Upload Files to upload and select a new Picture
After your satisfied, click “Update User” (at the bottom of the form)

When you're finished making changes, click on "Update User" at the bottom of the form.

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