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Click here to register your domain name. You can also call us at 541-942-7088 or 800-489-0354 for personal (and free) assistance in selecting your domain name and developing your website.

Domains are a common and unique name used to identify discrete and related information on the Internet. A domain name is the most common representation, and looks like this: "domainname.ext" where "ext" is a Top Level Domain extension ("TLD") and "domainname" is the primary root name for the domain. These are examples of domain names:


Domain names are a convenient representation of services, but the underlying addressing mechanism for ALL Internet activity is an IP Address. IP addresses take the form ###.###.###.### (e.g., currently called IPv4 -- IPv6 is on its way).  Domain name references are converted to IP numbers so that your Internet requests can be delivered to the right server.

Why register/renew your domain with us instead of GoDaddy?

There are a number of very good reasons why you should register your domain with us rather than with GoDaddy or one of the other national registries. Here are few of them:

  • Whether you host your website or email with us or not, the registration is the single most important "control point" for your domain. Website developers frequently try to persuade you to transfer domain registration/renewal to them. The downside is that in the event of a dispute, they can hold your domain name hostage. If you register/renew with us, you can move your hosting and/or email elsewhere without impediments.
  • We renew production domains through our system, and hound you relentlessly with emails and SMS messages if you forget to renew your domain name. Ultimately, before you lose your domain name, we'll give you a phone call. If you register with GoDaddy or one of the other national registrars, even if you set up automatic recurring credit card billing, and you can forget to update your domain registration or your credit card information, fail to pay the renewal fee, you could lose your domain.
  • We are local, small and responsive. Because we are small, chances are we know who you are.
  • We aren't a "mass market" ISP. We charge more than GoDaddy because we provide personal service.

Top Level Domains

The most common TLD is ".com" (commercial), but other TLD's include ".org" (organization), ".net" (network), ".biz" (business), ".us" (United States), ".pro", ".guru", and many, many more. As with ".us", each country has its own TLD, and new TLD's are created from time to time as part of the overall Internet addressing mechanism.

Registering Domain Names

Domains are registered through a Registration Service Provider such as There is a small annual charge for each registration. Registrations can be for one to ten years.   You must agree to the following terms when registering or renewing your domain: Domain Registration Agreement.   When you register a domain name through us, there are significant advantages to you. First, we can optionally "hide" your registration information so you don't get bombarded with "renew your domain name registration NOW or you'll lose it" scams. Some domains include this privacy option for free, others offer privacy for a small, annual fee. Second, we automatically renew your domain name for you when your domain renewal fee is paid automatically by credit card, As mentioned before, we also contact you many time by email, by SMS and even by phone, so there is no risk of losing it if you truly want to keep it. Third, we can "park" your domain name without hosting or hosting fees, activating it only when you decide you want to develop your website. Finally, if there are domain issues that require personal attention or technical support, we help at no additional cost. If you register your domain name elsewhere (e.g. GoDaddy), we charge for our time when helping you solve registration or DNS issues.


All domains registered through us are prepaid by us annually ("auto renew"). You will receive a bill 60 days prior to domain expiration. If you do not pay the bill, your domain name renewal will be set to "manual". If you do not pay your renewal fee, the domain name will expire on its next anniversary date. After your domain name expires, you can "redeem" it by paying a late fee ($10) after 5 days, or a redemption fee (after 40 days), which may include the annual renewal fee as well as additional redemption fees. Here are some examples:

  • .com: $17.50/yr
  • .net and .org: $20.00/yr
  • .us: $16.50/yr
  • .tv (and others): $43/yr
  • .ink: $35/yr
  • Domain Privacy (if not offered free by the TLD provider): $5.00/yr
  • Post-expiration renewal (any domain): $180.00

  Please read the following information about your rights as a domain registrant:

and click here to register your domain name.

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