"vFax: (Virtual Fax) is a reliable and cost-effective replacement for faxing from your phone company. A business phone line directed to your fax machine may cost upwards to $40/mo. Email has replaced faxing for many companies, but there are still many forms of communication that are more easily sent and received via fax, and there are many big companies (real estate agencies, title companies, insurance companies) that routine send documents via fax. We are an affiliate reseller for "Vitelity.com" and their VOIP and vFax products. Their pricing directly to you is exactly the same as our pricing through this portal. We receive a small commission for sales made through our website.


Our pricing is very simple:

  • $2.99/month plus $0.03 per minute inbound or outbound Can be a local number or a toll free number;
  • Port an existing phone# : $5.00 (takes up to 20 days to complete the port. but might be much faster)

Available Phone Numbers

We have a wide range of available phone numbers in nearly all local calling areas, as well as toll-free numbers in all prefixes (855, 866, 877 and 888).


  • Easy to use and configurable web portal (http://www.viewmyfax.com)
  • Easy to use desktop software (PC only)
  • Incoming faxes are directed to one or more email address
  • Online storage of incoming faxes
  • Month-to-month, no long term contracts, no setup or activation fee

Click this link to signup.

Summary of vFax signup:

  1. Agree to our terms.
  2. Select an amount to "charge" your account. This amount is paid in advance, and will decrease monthly. Enter a username, your billing information and your email address. Login information will be sent to this email address. Enter "referral" information. This helps us.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to "vitality's" login portal and a temporary password.
  4. Login and change your password
  5. At the top of the screen you will see "Buy Now".
  • If you are purchasing a number: Click on "Phone Numbers" and then "vFax". Fill out the forms, select your phone number (toll free or local) and you can start using your new fax# immediately.
  • If you are porting a number: click on "Port Requests" and follow the instructions.