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WordPress is a free software platform that operates your website. Plugins are software extensions that modify the way WordPress works, adding new fields and capabilities to your website. This is a list of everything that makes up your website.

  • WordPress : this is the core functionality of the site
  • Divi Theme (from Elegant Themes)

    Note: active plugins are in bold face
  • Admin Columns: provides ability to add extra columns to WordPress lists (example: adding the Featured Image to the Testimonials list display.
  • Bloom*: this plugin is part of our Divi package, and allows “opt-in” mailing lists
  • CMP – Coming Soon page
  • Code Snippets – snippets of PHP code that extend the functions of the website
  • Divi Booster*: bug fixes and enhancements to the Divi Theme
  • Divi Shortcode Enabler*: enables “shortcodes” to be used by the Divi Theme in places where they are not normally allowed. This plugin works in concert the the Code Snippets plugin.
  • Divi Testimonial Extended*: provides the site’s testimonial functionality
  • MainWP Child*: allows to communicate with your website quickly and efficiently (for plugin updates)
  • Media Library Categories: allows you to categorize your media images for quicker access
  • Monarch Plugin*: this plugin is part of our Divi package, and allows extensive Social Media integration
  • Popups for Divi: allows you to create popups (although not all visitors will allow Popup displays). For example, you could create a popup that displays when the visitor enters your website for the first time.
  • Rank Math: a free SEO module that compares well with paid premium SEO plugins like Yoast and All-In-Onel Rank Math is a bit complicated to set up, but well worth it.
  • Live Chat: Allows live chat on your website. Requires a free account at
  • UpdraftPlus Backup/Restore: gives you the ability to backup your website prior to making changes, and to restore it from backup should anything go wrong. Use this only if you are actively making changes to your site.
  • User Menus: allows these admin documentation pages to be displayed to the Administrator and not anyone else.
  • User Profile Picture: a simple replacement of the native WordPress “Gravitar” profile picture function
  • WP Mail SMTP: allows your website to send emails through our mail server.

* Starred Plugins are “premium plugins”, licensed to, but available under license for use by our client websites. In the event that you decide to move your website elsewhere, those licenses don’t go with you.

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