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We generally supply email addresses to our customers as part of their service or for a small monthly fee. Email consists of the following:

  • Large storage limits
  • Large message sizes (30Mb)
  • Incoming anti-spam/anti-virus filtering through ProofPoint
  • Optional Outgoing filtering through ProofPoint
  • Optional email archiving
  • Variety of formats (POP3, IMAP) and security (TLS, SSL), though we always recommend IMAP
  • Send and receive email using an email client (Mac Mail, Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, etc.) and/or Webmail. Webmail is always useful when you're traveling and don't have access to your home or office computer
  • Email aliases are free
  • Hands-on personal support (sorry, we only speak English)

Email Archive

Email archiving is NOT the same as a backup. A backup is snapshot in time, so deleted emails (or documents) are not backed up. Versioned backups keep snapshots for a period of time, but generally not for years. On the other hand, an archive keeps a historical record of each email, incoming and outgoing. You cannot delete or modify archived email. Therefore, archived email is admissible in court should the need arise. Our archive service has the following features:

  • Optional archive for email addresses in your domain
  • No charge for alias email addresses or aiias domains
  • Archive from ONE to TEN years
  • Indefinite "legal hold" for emails involved in a dispute
  • Cannot modify or delete from the archive, making it "discoverable" for litigation
  • Free Do-It-Yourself import and export of emails
  • Ability to search the archive
  • Ability to "tag" emails in the archive, similar in function to creating a folder


We offer two types of filtering -- (1) basic inbound filtering and (2) robust inbound and outbound . Both services are "cloud based" and offer the same basic inbound filtering:

  • Easy-to-use portal, available 24/7/365
  • Transparent - your service provider configures your email delivery, so configuration is behind the scenes
  • Control over strength of your filter (lenient to strong)
  • Immediate deletion of "sub-lenient" spam and quarantine of "probable" spam
  • Ability to deliver quarantine emails to your inbox
  • Whitelist and blacklist

In addition, filtering provides the following significant extra benefits:

  • Outbound filtering ensures that, if your computer is infected with a virus, you don't broadcast spam or viruses to your contact list or worse, act as a spambot (spambots may be banned by their ISP)
  • Continuity -- if our mail server is unreachable for any reason, incoming email is queued and can be read or responded to from our portal

Webmail - Roundcube

We use a software program called "Roundcube" to process email stored on our servers. To access your webmail portal, type in "". So, if your email address is "", your webmail portal will be "", and your login username will be your email address. 

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