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Development Domain

For those of you with longer term goals and a desire to develop your domain privately, we first set up your domain on one of our development servers(dev.domainname.tld). You develop your website in a controlled environment, accessible using our "proxy server." We also provide you with a free publically accessible demo site (demo.domainname.tld) as well as a one page "coming soon" page on the domain itself (domainname.tld).

Website Hosting

We have been hosting websites for individuals and businesses since 1996. Choose the type of business/website as well as some development options you might need or want. Standard Wordpress hosting for individuals and businesses. All of our hosting agreements include a Coming Soon/Maintenance capability, daily backups, and much more. For our Wordpress customers, we manage plugins and templates to ensure that everything is up-to-date for no extra charge.

Healy Funnel Website

This is the Healy one page "funnel website" you would use to promote your Healy membership. If you aren't a Healy member, contact for information on becoming one. If paid annually, this product includes free domain registration/transfer/renewal for selected domains, as well as a free info@ email address.