We provide the following connectivity to the Internet:

  • Dialup

    Dialup Connectivity is likely the slowest way to connect, but it is also the cheapest. $9.95 per month. We offer local Cottage Grove & Eugene phone numbers, but numbers all over the country too. We will add "earthclick.net" email addresses for $1.25 per address per month for existing customers.

  • DSL

    DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) We partner with CenturyLink to provide DSL. DSL is actually two services -- one service connects your home or office to the CenturyLink central switching facility, and the other service connects from the central switching facility to the Internet. We are no longer accepting new DSL customers.

  • WIFI

    Wireless service in the City of Cottage Grove is available using a mesh WiFi system owned by the City of Cottage Grove. We administer and support the network for the City. Pricing varies from free (10 hours per month, no support) to $50 per month for 7Mb service.