We offer a very inexpensive alternative to cell phone service through a company called "Ting". Ting has a couple of unique differences from other cell phone services -- basically, (1) there are no long term contracts and (2) you pay for what you use.  

Most cell phone providers "give" you an expensive phone and then lock you into a long term contract, usually two years. They make up the cost of the phone over the term of the contract, so you end up paying for it. With Ting, you buy the phone that meets your needs, or bring your existing phone to the service. Simple and cheap.  

Cell phone plans usually require you to guess how much time you'll spend on the phone, how many messages you might send or receive, and how much time you'll spend surfing the web. If you are under your guess -- too bad for you, you won't get a rebate. If you're over your guess -- too bad for you, they'll charge you exorbitant overage fees. Although some providers let you "bank" your unused minutes, you still have to guess. With Ting, your usage determines how much you'll pay. No banking, no overage fees, no requirement for rebates. You just pay for what you use. Simple and cheap.   For details, visit this website: Ting's website.

A note: you can purchase a new or refurbished phone from Ting, or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as long as they work with the Sprint network. Currently, Android phones that were originally purchased from Sprint can be activated on the Ting network. More information about specific phones is available on the Ting website.